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Legend of Zelda Seven Minutes in Heaven Toon Link
              Before Navi could pick the next player, Mida floated up beside her and shooed her away. “That fairy has been in charge way too long. Why did no one notice she'd taken my place?” She snorted. “Never mind, let's just keep things going.” Without even moving a single inch from her spot, Midna signaled you to join her by the items.
Overly excited that your turn had finally come, you scrambled to your feet and rushed towards the leather sack. “I hope I get one of the Links.” After a moment of digging through the items, you pulled a small sword replica from the sack. “This looks just like the master sword, only it's much, much smaller. It's even kind of sharp.” Once the owner of the item stood to his feet, you understood everything.”
“The sword is small, because I'm small. I don't think it would work out very well if I tried to use a fell size master sword.” Rubbing the back of h
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 211 40
Toon link x Reader Would you, maybe, like me?

Would you, maybe, like me?

Link belongs to Nintendo. You belong to you.    
    "Hoooyyy!! (Your name)-chan! Wait up!" A higher, chirpy sort of voice met your ears. Turning, you looked down to see none other than Toon Link, or Linkie as you internally called him, face plant into your thigh and stumble backwards. "Oof!" He mumbled, falling onto his butt. "H-hey, kid." You mumbled, glancing to the side a little. Standing up, the boy, who was surprisingly your age, grinned. "What're you doing today? I thought we could go watch Kargoraks or something -- Oh wait, never mind, I forgot I got rid of all of them! They can't steal your lunch money anymore!" He chirped once more, blushing a little. Driving a species, no matter it's intent, to extinction wasn't exactly… alluring. "G-Gee, thanks I guess. Sorry, I'm busy today. See ya, kid." You said, turning and walking away
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Miss Storyteller
United States
You know you're a Tintin fan when...

You plan on dressing up as Tintin for Halloween or Convention (GUILTY)

You can tell Thompson and Thomson apart(GUILTY)

You get annoyed when people spell it as "Tin Tin" (SOO GUILTY)

You've created Tintin valentine cards with dorky Valentine's day sayings for each character (ABOUT TO BE GUILTY!)

You laugh at how ridiculous the voice acting is in the cartoons, but watch them anyway (GUILTY)

You've seen the new movie three times (*LAUGHS* I'M DEAD GUILTY)

You can hear someone barely whisper "Tintin" from 10 miles away (GUILTY AND CREEPY)

You immediately fell in love, and now have a massive crush on the brilliant boy reporter (GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY...)

You're a girl in middle or high school who MUCH prefers to read Belgian comics from 1929 than bother with texting or facebook (GUILTY)

You get annoyed whenever someone only knows Tintin from the movie (Kinda...but they gotta start somewhere..)

You look out for people with quiffs (HA! GUILTY)

You constantly seek old Tintin books (GUILTY, THE ANTIQUE STORE KICKED ME OUT...JOKE..!)

Whenever the words "Belgium" and "comic" are spoken in a sentence, you perk up (Guilty...?)

You use Captain Haddock's insults (BLYSTERING BARNICLES...I;M GUILTY)

Whenever the trailer for the new movie comes, you smile(GUILTY! ^-^)

You make sure that NO tears or imperfections ever get on your Tintin books (GUILTY...BETTER KEEP AWAY FROM THEM!)
  • Listening to: Indie and Korean Indie...~!
  • Reading: Brave New World and Nutrition Labels...~!
  • Watching: tumblr! and MEAN GIRLS!
  • Playing: My Nintendogs are starving...
  • Eating: People.
  • Drinking: With all due respect, your Blood.
My thoughts have been running.
And even though not many of you read this...
I just feel like I can put something down.
First, Writers Block....
And you thought the milk was sour....
I just want someone new
to tell my old stories.
(WRITER'S ADVICE: If you venture through your old stories
reading them or in my case telling them, it will help
greatly with writers block.)
Over the past year,
I have been into the reality fiction era
(Since fantasy was becoming to cheesy and unrelatable to me,
it is,dare I say, the most beautiful genre).
I love others works and giving advice...
But everyone just seems to say about the characters and situation.
Be clear that plot and situation are two very different things.
No idea is stupid(even if it's cheesy), as long as the plot is detailed and hearted.
Also thinking of an old friend had me thinking
about getting rid of Writer's Block...
Being with her was a challenge.
While it doesn't seem like it
every writer (And storyteller!) are in competition.
And surrounded by writers,
you (I at the time) did not realize that all that time
you trying to make something great and share it.
It was unknown battles.    
(I'm not saying I'm the best.
Just stating our human minds as writers and storytellers.
No, I was never trying to be the best...^-^)


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Here at college, drinking coffee...!
And how are you??
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I'm really fine. Poor Snowy was sick and captain has got stomachache with vomit...
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And Tintin had a nightmare...
Sounds horrible, I'm sorry!
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